Tiger Shark

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Tiger Shark
Found in the Shallow Ocean Biome, and are marked by their quick and curious nature; they are known to "nibble", biting without killing. Can cause the Bleeding status effect.

Tiger Shark is one of the Threats in the world of Stranded Deep.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Smaller than its counterpart, the Great White Shark. The Tiger Shark lives in shallow ocean biomes such as Islands, Sand Plains, and Shallows. When killed, can be chopped to Shark Meat using a cutting tool. Note that they can sometimes flip your Life Boat/Raft if you are not careful. It will flee from the Great White Shark.

Initial release: added
0.02: Now stick to the surface of the ocean, and are more aggressive. Land sharks fixed.
0.02 hotfix: Now build aggression when attacked