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Watch[edit | edit source]

The Survival Watch is Stranded Deep’s unique way of displaying your vitals and useful information without breaking out of the games immersion.

You can view their survival Watch by holding down the F key (by default).

Occasionally the Watch will beep to let you know that one of your vitals is getting low. If your vitals are critically low and you are in danger of dying, the Watch will beep continuously. You can delay the warning for 90 seconds by hitting the F key.

Changing Modes[edit | edit source]

Switching Watch modes will toggle the displayed data. You can switch modes by clicking the Left Mouse Button (by default).

Mode 1 Time[edit | edit source]


The first mode on the survival watch is a general data view.

It displays the in-game time, the date, the total days survived, the current position of the day/night cycle, and "UV-Index".

Also used in the technique of making maps and navigation where time keeping helps in distance measuring.

Mode 2 Vitals[edit | edit source]

Watch Vitals
Watch Vitals.

The second mode on the survival watch displays the vitals that you must monitor for survival. The watch will periodically beep when any of these vital signs are too low, warning you to take action or perish.

Watch Vital Bars
Vital Name Description
Health Current health of the player. If this reaches 0 the player will die.
Hunger Current Hunger. Each bar represents 1 food serving.
Thirst Current Thirst. Each bar represents 1 water serving.
Sleep Current tiredness of the player. Restored when sleeping.

Mode 3 Status[edit | edit source]

Watch Status Effects
Watch Status Effects.

This screen mode displays your Stats Effects.

Positive effects are marked with the + symbol.

Negative effects are marking with the - symbol.

Status Effects[edit | edit source]

This section outlines everything regarding status effects. For more information about for a particular effect, open it's link.

Watch status effects can be accessed by holding the F key, and scrolling through Modes using the Left Mouse Button.

Status Effects will list the following, depending on their relevance:

Positive Effects[edit | edit source]

Positive Effects
Status Duration Effect
Healthy Regenerates to full health within 7 hours if no active negative effects & hunger/thirst above 5 bars
Sunblock 12 Hours Prevents Sunburn/Sunstroke
Repellant 12 Hours Repels Tiger Shark & Great White Shark
Splint 2 Days Recently healed broken bones, adds a splint model to players leg
Breath Boost 3 Hours Holding breath capacity doubled

Negative Effects[edit | edit source]

Negative Effects
Status Duration Effect Cure
Starvation When Hunger is less than 0. Takes 2 Days to kill Eat!
Dehydration When Thirst is less than 0. Takes 2 Days to kill Drink!
Bleeding Can occur from taking damage. 3 Days to kill Bandage or Gauze
Poison 3 Days Can occur from poisonous creatures. 3 Days to kill Anitdote (level 3 crafting)
Broken Bones Occurs when falling. Limits mobility and takes 10 damage per jump Splint
Sunstroke 7 Hours Occurs standing in sun during high UV. Depletes Hunger and Thirst by 2 bars per hour Aloe plant / Aloe Slave / stand in the shade
Diarrhoea 1 Hour Occurs from eating too many coconuts. Depletes Thirst to 0 Time
Illness 6 Days No effect currently ?
Drowning Occurs when oxygen runs out Use an AirTank or surface for air
Tired Disables sprinting if the player's sleep vital bar is less than 0 Sleep at a shelter or bed
Vomiting ? Occurs when the player eats raw meat Don't eat raw meat
Death Occurs when the player health reaches zero Prevent health from depleating