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Unknown Items[edit | edit source]

Items that are unknown if they are still in the game, or have been discontinued:

Divers Slate[edit | edit source]

Divers Slate.png
Unsure if this is actually an item, object or decoration?

- Restored Divers Slate Easter egg. 0.54.00 EXP. BUILD! JUL 30 @ 8:35PM

Land Shark Sign[edit | edit source]

Land Shark Sign.png
Unsure if this is actually an item, object or decoration?

Discontinued Items[edit | edit source]

Antibiotics[edit | edit source]

Replaced by the craftable Antidote.

Axe[edit | edit source]

Replaced by the craftable Refined Axe.

Beans[edit | edit source]

Beans Opened.png
Replaced by the Rations.

Binoculars[edit | edit source]

Binoculars are a non-craftable tool which can be obtained by looting shipwrecks. They are used to augment the player's view distance while it is being used.

Driftwood Log[edit | edit source]

Driftwood Log.png

Driftwood Stick[edit | edit source]

Driftwood Stick.png

Flare[edit | edit source]

Found in derelict vessels. Can scare off sharks and can be used to signal for help in the eventual endgame. Works underwater. Can frighten off potential threats.

Flippers[edit | edit source]

Flippers are a non-craftable item found in Shipwrecks. When picked up, they disappear and increase swimming sprint speed but not normal swimming speed. You will need at least 1 free inventory slot to equip them, even though they do not occupy inventory slots - Meaning they act like a permanent swimming sprint buff.

Flashlight[edit | edit source]

The Flashlight essentially works like the Torch, only difference being the amount of light produced, in which the Torch produces a lot more light than the flashlight. It cannot be crafted, and is found in Shipwrecks.

Goggles[edit | edit source]

To see better underwater. The Goggles are a non-craftable item that can be found in Shipwrecks. Found in Hard Cases, they currently seem to have no use or effect on the player.

Lighter[edit | edit source]

Replaced by the craftable Kindling.

Machete[edit | edit source]


Morphine[edit | edit source]

Replaced by the craftable Splint.

Mysterious Package[edit | edit source]

Mysterious Package.png
The Mysterious Package appears randomly on islands and is, as its name describes, mysterious. It can be added to the player inventory (where its category is Awesome), but it cannot be cut or broken open. The box reads DeadEx (in a riff on FedEx) with the tagline Because why not. The label's shipping date is 22/44/23 with a barcode of 22b5. The shipping label is addressed to:

Pacific Ocean
Island key 45#332
Stranded Deep survivor Colin

Beneath the address is a paragraph reading: "Some garbage that makes no sense clearly goes here... nobody could possibly read this with its resolution anyway."

Restored Parcel Easter egg. 0.54.00 EXP. BUILD! JUL 30 @ 8:35PM

Pocket Knife[edit | edit source]

Pocked Knife.png
A good cutting tool with average durability. Useful for harvesting plants and general damage. No other info from page

Rock Shard[edit | edit source]

Rock Shards were obtainable from breaking a regular Rock, which will yield two Rock Shards. They use to be used in crafting the Crude Knife and Crude Spear.

Shark Meat[edit | edit source]

Replaced by Small Meat, Medium Meat, and Large Meat.

Vitamins[edit | edit source]

Cures the Illness Status Effect. Destroyed when consumed. Found in Shipwrecks.

Water Bucket[edit | edit source]

Replaced by the craftable Clay Water Bottle.

Whistle[edit | edit source]

No info from page

Wollie[edit | edit source]

A Wilson-referencing Easter Egg that allows you to remain sane.

An Easter egg found in Stranded Deep a reference to "Wilson". The item is a volley ball with a red handprint face and roots of a plant coming out of the top. If you leave an island(bringing Wollie with you) that you found him on and return to the same island, another Wollie will spawn. It is essentially useless, and serves only as a comic prop. "I'm sorry Wilson! Wilson I'm sorry!"

- Restored Wollie Easter egg. 0.54.00 EXP. BUILD! JUL 30 @ 8:35PM

Water Collector[edit | edit source]

Distills sea water into drinkable fresh water.
The Water Collector distills sea water into fresh water by evaporating water from a Bucket, allowing it to condense on a Tarp above, and then trickle into a waiting vessel. Although a bucket is not required to craft the water collector, one is required in order to use it.

It seems likely that the names of the Water Collector and Water Still are accidentally reversed in the current game version.

Once the water collector is constructed, fill a bucket with sea water. Hang the sea water bucket on the Fire Spit. Attach an empty drinking vessel (another bucket or an empty Drinkable Coconut) on the water collector above. Light the fire. Over time, the water drop indicators will fill in to show how much water has been collected. A bucket holds 5 servings of water. Keep in mind that a drinkable coconut holds only one serving, and so must be traded out four times to empty one bucket. Each serving of water takes approximately 2.5 minutes to distill.

It costed Fire Spit x1, Stick x8, Tarp x1 and Lashing x5