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Exp. Update 0.40.00 is an update for Stranded Deep released on February 13, 2018.

This update features the new Fishing Rod and Fish System! You can now craft a Fishing Rod and use it to catch fish! Fishing is a completely new game mechanic where you cast your line towards a group of fish, wait for a bite and then begin the struggle to reel it in! The Fishing Rod requires the new Bobber item to be used, similar to the how the Bow uses Arrows.

The Fish system has also been completely overhauled and is more efficient. There is only one fish in this update for basic testing of the new fishing mechanics. The fish have very basic AI so expect some unusual behaviour. The revamped fish system has been created to support large fish flocks which will be coming next update. Spear fishing is not supported in this build.

We’ve majorly pimped your ride for this update. We heard you like paddles, so we’ve restored the Paddle as a physical item and it also has a new dedicated attachment on the Life Raft to stow it away so you don’t lose it. We’ve added a new Storage container to the Life Raft which is filled with basic supplies when starting a new game. This will make it easier for us to balance the game, while not making it too difficult in the beginning. There’s also a new Sea Anchor item fitted to the Life Raft which you can deploy to prevent the raft moving position.

Sails have been split into separate Sail and Rudder components. A Sail adds forward propulsion, while a Rudder controls the direction. A raft will now begin moving whenever a sail is raised. There is a new wind and ocean current system coming in the next update - just didn’t quite get it finished before the xmas/ny holidays. It features much more realistic sailing, including using the wind, tacking upwind, etc. The Sea Anchor will also come into full effect once the ocean currents are fully implemented. For now, we don’t recommend using multiple sails at once as it could result in some unusual glitches.

Eating too much of the same food within a small window can now cause Diarrhoea. Eating and drinking Coconuts and eating Potatoes are the only foods that cause Diarrhoea for now. You will need to discover how much you can eat over a period of time. Once enough time has passed since you last ate that kind of food, you canDiarrheato eating it again. Diarrhoea and Vomiting instantly removes one bar of fluids from your vitals. If you get Diarrhoea, it will completely deplete your fluids within 1 game hour, at which point you’ll get the Dehydration status effect also. So it will be important to manage your fluids during that game hour if you get Diarrhoea!

In other development news, we’ve teamed up with the guys from OnlySound to produce more immersive and awesome sound effects which should start appearing in the game soon. We’ve also got some more exciting collaborations that we’ll update you on through the year!

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed Player being able to continue eating when about to Vomit or Poop.
  • Fixed scenario where Vomiting would stack, breaking movement controls.
  • Fixed Tooltips being left behind onscreen when Crafting menu closed.
  • Fixed Containers staying ‘open’ if opened and then switched to Inventory storage.
  • Fixed Inventory opening after closing Storage when ‘Toggle Radial Menus’ setting is enabled.
  • Fixed not being able to assign modifier keys in Input settings (right shift, right ctrl, etc).
  • Fixed Input reassigning removed bindings to first controller element instead of ‘none’.
  • Fixed Input not reverting to previous input bindings when cancelling recent input changes.
  • Fixed Input options menu being set to dirty when first selected.
  • Fixed Input error when assignment timeout.
  • Fixed Fish possibly floating above ocean from player movement in some cases.
  • Fixed Underwater Audio continuing after death.
  • Fixed Boat Motor not moving backward.
  • Fixed Player not crouching when using Boat Motor.
  • Fixed Gyrocopter compass showing wrong heading.
  • Fixed Gyrocopter not turning off.
  • Fixed Camera snapping when interacting with vehicles.
  • Fixed being unable to pickup Pipi and Potato farming plants.
  • Fixed Pipi plant display name when planted.
  • Fixed floating Farming Plants.
  • Fixed medical Breath Boost unable to be consumed.

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Restored Paddle as a physical item.
  • Added support for multiple players to control and ride on Vehicles.
  • Added unique Action Descriptions when interacting with items, i.e. Hold to Refill, Open, Operate, Attach, etc.
  • Improved object layout when splitting Splittable objects.
  • Renamed Coconut Half to ‘Coconut Food’.
  • Renamed Coconut to ‘Coconut Drink’.
  • Changed Green Coconut to require hitting to ‘open’ again.
  • Changed Coconut to split into Coconut Food when hit or thrown with force again.
  • Changed Coconut to give you Diarrhoea when too many are consumed.
  • Changed Coconut Food to give you Diarrhoea when too many are consumed.
  • Changed Potato to give you Diarrhoea unless cooked.
  • Changed Palm Top to give you 5 Palm Fronds instead of 4.
  • Adjusted Boat Motor and Gyrocopter engine volume.
  • Updated Smoker model.
  • Changed Sailing mechanic to require a Sail and Rudder.
  • Changed Spear Animations.
  • Changed Stick Farming Plot model.

New Features[edit | edit source]

  • Added new Fishing Rod and Fishing Rod Bobber craftable items!
  • Added new Fishing Mechanic!
  • Added new Fish system!
    • Better quality, more efficient fish animation.
  • Added new Diarrhoea status effect!
  • Added new Life Raft model.
  • Added new Sea Anchor to Life Raft!
    • Damps ocean movement. Will come into full effect with the addition of ocean currents.
  • Added new Storage to the Life Raft!
  • Added new attachment to the Life Raft to stow a Paddle.
  • Added more realistic Raft Paddling.

The player now sits more forward on the Raft and controls it as you would in real life. Your forward controls move the raft forward as usual, however to change direction you need to rotate your raft by paddling left and right.

  • Added new Raft Rudder craftable item!
  • Added new Sail model.
  • Added new Food Ration Tin food item.

Dev Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Added much better quality Dither fading.
  • Optimised Splittable objects.
  • Optimised input and physics for Vehicles that aren’t being operated.