Exp. Update 0.18.01

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Exp. Update 0.18.01 is an update for Stranded Deep released on November 8, 2016.

There’s a lot of fixes in this build, particularly for Custom Maps. The loading process for Custom Maps is a bit different to the way normal procedural maps load. Objects for normal procedural maps need to be either generated for the first time or loaded back from a previous save. When an object gets generated for the first time it initializes everything it needs to and then that state gets saved. Objects in Custom Maps are technically always loaded in so they weren’t getting initialized properly. This problem has been fixed and now object’s physics will initialize properly and things like fruit and loot should all be generated properly too. We also fixed a regression where Custom Map objects were saved with a -100 vertical offset.

We’ve added a new dialogue when you select New Game to choose if you want to use your existing world or create a new random world. This dialogue won’t show on a fresh install as the game creates a new world first up if there isn’t one present. It also won’t show after you’ve manually created a new world in the Cartographer in the same session as the game assumes you want to use the new world you just created.

We finally nailed the floating bird's bug. This was related to large changes we had to make to physics objects to support the new progressive loading. Please keep us posted if you notice any other anomalies like this.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed Custom Map objects not loading correctly.
  • Fixed Custom Maps loading physics objects incorrectly.
  • Fixed Custom Map objects being saved with 100 unit vertical offset regression.
  • Fixed chance of getting stuck in menus when a dialogue window would obscure another dialogue.
  • Fixed Bird physics not initializing on load game causing incorrect behavior (floating, stuck, etc).
  • Fixed Lantern LOD material missing glow.
  • Fixed missing Boat Motor mesh.
  • Fixed missing Moon mesh and material drawing over clouds.
  • Fixed missing Fire-Starting Stick material regression.
  • Fixed dynamic Terrain Billboards not unsubscribing from zone owner when pooled, causing some distant billboards to turn off incorrectly.

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Added a dialogue to select existing or random world on New Game.
  • Changed Main Menu to default back to the Cartographer menu after leaving the Map Editor.
  • Changed collision layers for building to allow placing on terrain details like rocks (use with caution).
  • Changed collision layers so animals now avoid large cliff rocks.
  • Reduced overhead for detection of a Custom Map when loading a zone’s objects.