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Various Vessels in Stranded Deep can be looted for supplies and rare loot. These vessels can often be found in a variety of biomes. They can even be easter eggs.

Shipwrecks[edit | edit source]

The sea mine is a structure found in deep sea biomes. It contains no loot, and does not explode, so is useless. It is strapped to the ocean floor with a chain.

Derelict Vessels[edit | edit source]

Derelict Vessels are the most common type of vessel in the world of Stranded Deep. These vessels are often found on land or near islands in the relatively shallow waters. They often have a box on deck or below deck that have special items, as well as a locker and a control panel that can host specific items such as the Engine Part 1 or Flare. These wrecks are easy to navigate, but as of Alpha, they are almost impossible to get out of without glitching.

How to Get Out of a Derelict Vessel Shipwreck
Getting out of the vessel is almost impossible in certain cases through conventional means.

Palm-trunk method

Bring a atleast 3 section long palm tree trunk and stick into the decks hatch and you can use it as a handy ladder to get out.

Glitch method

In order to get out, align yourself against the far edge of the boat, facing the water. Save your game, and exit to the main menu. Load your game back up, and immediately press and hold the "move forward" button ([W]). This will glitch your player through the side of the boat and into the water with all your inventory intact.

However, escaping the vessel is no longer needed as they do not generate on land any longer.

Airplane wreck[edit | edit source]

Airplane wrecks contain two containers. It is otherwise not of any importance.

Weather Buoy[edit | edit source]

Weather buoy can be found swimming on the ocean surface. It is moored buoy with about 3-meter discus. It does not contain any item and it cannot be destroyed or damaged.

However, it might serve some purpose later. Weather buoy measure parameters such as air temperature above the ocean surface, wind speed (steady and gusting), barometric pressure, and wind direction. It sends the data via satellite to weather service, thus by destroying it (and so interrupting satellite connection) player can get attention of the "outer world".

Because the buoy appears to be maintained, weather service will supposedly send a ship to repair or replace it. That means possible rescue for the player (either by waiting there on a life boat / raft, or by leaving a SOS message to the ship crew.

In the game, the buoy always stays on sea level, and clips through islands. This may be a glitch.

Sea Mine[edit | edit source]

The sea mine is a structure found in deep sea biomes. It currently has no use outside of being aesthetic. It can be found strapped to the ocean floor with a chain.

UFO[edit | edit source]

The UFO is a structure that generates at the bottom of the deep sea biome. It serves no use to game play, and is just aesthetic and most likely an easter egg.

Sea Forts[edit | edit source]

Sea Forts are a small chain of buildings suspended above water on stilts. They are found quite commonly in sand plains, finally giving worth to the previously worthless biome. They are often found in groups of four. The buildings are procedurally generated, like the world itself, including some random items, broken and intact bridges, ladders, buildings, and potato plants. They are by far the most advanced structure in the game so far. It contains the most loot of any structure found so far. The fortress serves as both a vessel and a shelter, however, like an island, you can't live there forever, as it lacks lashings and sufficient food, unless you want to survive off beans, potatoes, and sharks. However, between and island and a sea fort, using both can supply you for a very long time.